SNCF Transilien

Reinvent the customer relationship, make employees proud again

32 days of observation, 19 prototypes, 4 test stations, to end up with a new value creation strategy.

That’s the story behind the SNCF Transilien project, which developed from a virtuous ambition: deploying a service design approach for the first time from end to end!

What was the goal of this test project?

Improving in-station customer satisfaction by implementing a new customer relations space and increasing the involvement of agents

Our action

Conducting ethnographic studies at stations to gather hundreds of insights and design requirements grouped into a “Use Observatory” on the Umagus platform.


Leading co-design workshops with all people involved (decision-makers, agents, customers, technical staff, institutional partners) to design physical and digital prototypes.

Testing prototypes in real use conditions at 4 test stations


Designing tools to deploy service solutions: IT specifications, system architecture, a kit for all agents, and finally the proposal of a new service strategy.