What functions are needed for a cross-business planning system?

Designing a maintenance planning tool that is efficient… and attractive!

That is the challenge set by RTE, with the need to develop a process in line with the current planning strategy and contribute to a thorough understanding of the impact of maintenance operations on the businesses.

Our action

Une phase immersive d’observations et d’entretiens avec des opérateurs et des managers d’un site régional RTE
An immersive phase of observation and interviews with operators and managers from a regional RTE site.
2 co-design workshops with users to prototype the system’s future functions.

200 highly realistic interfaces created by our teams based on screen sketches.


We drew on these tools to develop use case scenarios that were tested directly at workstations by some 20 users, including both end users and users from other departments (maintenance, engineering, etc.).


And we were able to provide concrete recommendations and prototypes to enhance the rollout of the platform!