Orléans city centre

Refresh the user experience to increase the attractiveness of Orléans city centre.

The project is an iterative process, involving workshop production time and actions on the ground, to check the validity of the solutions with a more diverse audience.


Orléans City Hall and the Metropolitan Authority wanted to work on the number of people visiting the city centre and its overall dynamic. Aktan’s Living Lab was used in partnership with Nekoé, in response to a request from the innovation department, to explore, prototype and test solutions in situ with passers-by.

Project process

Discover: explore uses and understand expectations

Our approach was based on observing behaviours in city centre streets, using spontaneous and formal interviews.


Our mission:

Understand how people use the city centre and its shops, and the pathways they take.

Then, identify the factors they find irritating and the expectations of different kinds of users.



Once this work is done, we will have identified the expectations of city centre users using personae, and also produced a map showing how the city centre is used.

Imagine: a workshop to think about solutions to the needs identified

Define and mock-up various solutions that could respond to the problems that need to be resolved.


Instigate a collaborative process covering the full range of stakeholders (shopkeepers, local authorities, businesses, citizens, etc.)


Check the validity of the ideas: test the possible solutions with a larger, more diverse audience and then complete and prioritise the work produced in the workshop.


Prototype: make the solutions tangible

Make a flexible space a tangible reality that city centre users can make their own.

Design a collection point where consumers can pick up their purchases after the shops have closed.

Develop a catalogue of services aimed at city centre shopkeepers.



Results and transmission of lessons learned

Transmission of lessons learned to the Assises Nationales du commerce de centre-ville forum on city centre commerce.


A catalogue of services for shopkeepers and a collection point (for picking up purchases outside business hours) are currently being examined.